Mobile apps (Android, iOS)

Why would you want an

iOS or Android mobile app

We can give you two types of answers: the simple and obvious one, and the other, more practical, one.

The simple answer:
  • Because, as you've noticed, in recent years, whether we like it or not, everyone is absorbed by mobile phones, continuously typing and surfing. In the subway, in traffic (though not recommended :)), on the street, everyone "types". These "typers" are us, are you, are your current or future customers who are permanently connected, interconnected or mega-hyper-superlinked to the virtual environment. We already use our mobile more than our computer.
  • So... why not have your own mobile app to promote your business in this global community?

    The practical answer:
  • Because a

    mobile app

    can access the mobile phone’s sensors, such as Gyro and Compass, which allow you to control a game just by tilting the phone, leading to a new level of interactivity.
  • The GPS allows you to find your location on the map and possibly find the nearest store or car service to your location.
  • Because it can keep in touch with a brand’s news (or its virtual store) through the Push Notifications system..
  • Apps have the advantage of making you known not only in Romania, but even globally by publishing them on Google Play or in the App Store.
  • They can connect to social networks and do not require constant Internet connection.
  • There are many other technical or marketing advantages that we can discuss when we’ll get to know each other...