Custom software applications

Implementing and using a 

custom software application

, whether it's

client management applications


project and activity organizational applications


document management and reporting applications

, will enable the optimization of internal processes and efficient use of company resources.

Case studies:

1. Web app - mini ERP for managing the activity in a gas installation company.
It is an integrated solution that has modules for field gas works, payments, used materials, car fleet, alerts, marketing reports, sending notifications by mail or SMS. Access can also be made through dedicated MOBILE modules for field teams that connect to the central server on mobile devices in real time.

2. Web app for managing the activity in a law firm.
It has modules for: managing clients and debtors, tracking folders and inventorying various documents. Advanced features support personalized reporting and clear analysis of the activity.

3. Electronic archiving app - ARHIVISION
Secure INTRANET app for document archiving: Documents are scanned, indexed, and searches can be made afterwards. 
Contains modules for: Administration, Scanning, Indexing, Viewing, Email Archiving, Configuration.

4. Press monitoring app - PRESSVISION
Complex intranet application dedicated to press monitoring companies. Newspapers are scanned and added to the database. In parallel, an optical character recognition (OCR) module accurately determines the words and their position within the documents. Allows you to extract reports based on searches by words, approximate expressions and other criteria.

5. E-learning application for colleges:
Teachers - students communications, online exam results, virtual library, online grid exams, disciplines, specializations, teachers, students. Remote learning, on-site learning.

6. SPOTNET application (for Spotlight Advertising)
Web application on Linux / Windows server. Sections of: TV planing, radio, banners, press, work, projects, payments, customers, suppliers. A workflow dedicated to advertising companies. Made in collaboration with Magnet Software company.

7. RPD Quick Mail application
Web application on Linux server. Centralize data across the country on the main server in Bucharest. Made in collaboration with Romplus Computer company.

8. Application - Wienerberger
Web application on Linux / Windows server. Management of inventory, internal and external orders, products, manufacturers, schedules. Made in collaboration with Romplus Computer company.