HTML5 games, online competitions

We offer our clients modern and effective online promotion methods through

HTML5 games


online contests


mobile apps


HTML5 game theme:
Starting from the specifics of the activity, we propose the scenario of a small game capable of attracting customers.

HTML5 game details
  • The game can work as an online contest or as an

    interactive application

  • In these

    online games or contests

    the user must go through certain stages, use the mouse (drag & drop) or the keyboard (arrows), move objects, complete a task in a limited time, gather certain objects or finish a circuit (if we are talking about games with cars, bicycles or other vehicles).
  • The HTML5 game

    or application can be optimized to run on mobile devices using the phone or tablet’s sensors. So, if your phone has a built-in gyroscope, you can develop games in which the character moves solely by tilting the device.
  • Games can be developed in which interactions with and between objects happen realistically based on physical laws. We use software that simulates physical properties (weight, friction, collisions).
  • HTML5 game graphics can be used to create fun games with animated characters or real product images. A minimalist-symbolic graphic can also be developed.
  • At this point we are developing HTML5 2D games. In the future, we will also develop 3D applications.

Interactive applications, HTML5 games and online contests can run in various forms:
  • Within the site, like the interactive animation appearing in our interactive homepage.
  • In Facebook apps.
  • In promotional campaigns using interactive web banners (the entire application can work in a web banner).
  • Or, you can develop a dedicated website where the

    HTML5 game


    can work.

Case study
If you are a company that wants to promote a new car model (which has a special traction system) or if you are, say, a winter tire manufacturer, we can offer you a game in which we simulate the different friction of the tire models on a difficult terrain.

If the traction system or the promoted tires are selected, the car will easily drive on ice. Otherwise it will skate and cause accidents, unable to avoid obstacles.

This way, the campaign message will be a virtual one tested via the game in a fun way and will be remembered more easily by customers.

Demo for simulation of rolling machine

If you want to promote a certain type of roof, an interesting idea for a short game would be one where you have to protect the house regardless of the graphic-simulated weather conditions: a summer storm with hailstorms and lightning, heavy winter snowfalls.
A limited amount of time is alotted for each action. The player has several roof options which can be moved by mouse, including the promoted roof variants.

Demo for 'Roof game'

Regardless of the field of activity, we offer you a game inspired by your own business, which will highlight the service or the promoted product.

An online contest can be developed in which enrolled members have to complete various operations within a limited time. Based on the rankings, you can then award prizes, gift vouchers, or other facilities.

Demo presentation: the character is guided with the keyboard keys towards the witches he has to hit; he shoots using the mouse; jumps using the 'space' key; collects the projectile launched by plane.

Demo online contest

Online Contest - AXN IN ACTION which took place in the summer of 2015 developed for Icon Advertising.

The information system has been developed for 3 channels: AXN, AXN BLACK and AXN WHITE and has been synchronized with the TV channels grid.

Automatic draws have been run at pre-set hours to determine the daily and weekly winners as well as the finalists for the final draw.