Web portals

The experience of our team of programmers and web designers allows us to approach complex projects such as the

design and development of web portals

in different areas of activity.
These are powerful information tools for the interested visitors and enable an efficient management of a large amount of information, whether it's text, documents, images, video content or different types of apps.

The complexity of a portal can be given by the multitude of features it offers: high security level, easy presentation and navigation, a fast and multi-choice information searching system, sections for creating and managing accounts, the ability to add comments and to provide ratings, subscription and newsletter delivery, discussion forum, voucher system and online application forms, news / articles divided by areas of interest, different categories of information: text, images, video files and documents for downloading, and counting different advertising types. And, of course, an ample module managing the whole system.


web portal

can be customized to meet customer-specific requirements: public institutions and various organizations, publications, communities, schools, remote learning activities, companies from different fields of activity, etc.

Our portfolio includes


of different categories: ads (imobiliare-online.ro, terenuri-online.net, birouri-online.net, apartamente-online.net), photography (photomaniacs.ro), artistic field (harpandloom.ro), promotion (citbuzau.ro), finance (web portal details) and news (>web portal details).