About us

We are a web development agency that develops on-demand software solutions and helps promote online businesses.

For more than 10 years we have been providing our clients, regardless of their field of activity, size, seniority or turnover, the custom solutions they need to expand their business online.

Why us?

Because we are 100% involved in projects and we do everything with professionalism. And trust and recommendation from our customers is actually our best business card.

We are involved,

we pay attention to details and focus on achieving our customer’s goals.
Our activity as an online creative agency is based on the premise that the services we offer are characterized by quality and originality. We are flexible in terms of cost / time estimates and innovative in finding the best technical solutions.

We have experience and expertise

and whether we are developing an app or designing an online promotion campaign, we use the latest technologies. Our programming and design team develops software tailored to the needs of each customer.

We deliver results

and we are ready for any challenge.

Our workflow

First of all, we are interested in finding out everything there is to know.

About your business and your products, about your current market position and your future plans, about your customers. There will be many questions and details to set, and we will take all this into account.

We will work together closely, and it is preferable that these discussions be held with those who have the right to make decisions in the name of the company.

At the end of the project we hope you won’t come to see us as just an IT service provider, but as a partner.

Now is when we set the stages of the project.

This way, everyone will know what to do, and you will know what data and when to give it to us.

Making a website or a virtual store takes time to collect and organize text, images and video files, documents and other information. This task will be yours, but you’ll receive the support from our team.

We will show you the design proposal and the options for implementing all requirements.

We have a plan and we are ready to go through with it.

The development of any web application involves three challenges: the graphic design, the relational structure of the database and the actual development.

The design process is creative and we want to make sure everything goes out the way you want it.

The programming part, choosing the best technical options and finding the best solutions are part of our daily work challenges.

You will be able to follow the evolution of your online project on our server every step of the way.

Testing is a constant and an essential one.

A constant testing ensures the quality of the final result. It is essential that the application pass all tests: running and functionality, performance, usability and user-friendliness, security and compatibility.

The correct display and performance of pages on different browsers and mobile devices are also verified.

To ensure perfect functionality, the testing activity is associated with each step of the development process.

The project is ready.

Ideas have materialized, design meets expectations and features have been discussed.

The moment of truth: presenting your project to your clients.

And yet there is still something left ...

Developing a project is an ongoing process even after its release.

We're here to tell you how.

The tools we use

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