Web design and development

A well-developed and maintained site successfully contributes to the development of a successful business.

General info on

Website design

  • Whether it is an

    online shopping store

    , a

    company presentation site

    , a

    complex portal

    or an advanced information system, we can develop it based on experience using the latest technology.
  • As you have seen in our portfolio, we have developed various web portals with sophisticated databases and modules.
  • If you want to start an online business, such a portal can be a great start.
  • Each site / portal developed by us will receive a free banner in its own portals (example: www.imobiliare-online.ro).
  • We offer complete site development services: domain acquisition, web server configuration, website development, site hosting, maintenance / site maintenance, product photography, 360° panoramic photo, online promotion.

    Website graphics
  • By combining the sophisticated design with advanced programming elements, we offer a full range of websites to our customers, from simple ones, with brief presentations of the company, to the most complex, taking into account the current graphical and functional requirements / standards.
  • We recommend a moderately charged, responsive graphics layout to accommodate mobile devices.
  • We develop the graphics from scratch based on customer specifications.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Developing a site also involves adding it to search engines, optimizing it for better positioning in Google search, and implementing the various techniques needed to properly index information.
  • We take into account metadata, site description, page keywords, word density, information structure, design type, etc. Based on these processes, the number of visitors and potential customers will increase.

    Site content
  • We can also help you in the design of the site's descriptive texts.
  • If we're talking about building a virtual store or an online product presentation, we can add those products to the database.

    Online website promotion campaign
  • After launching your site, we can offer you promotional campaigns through interactive web banners, HTML5 games, online contests, facebook apps, or through a GOOGLE AdWords campaign.