S.E.O. and online advertising


optimizing your site or online store (S.E.O),

we aim to list certain keywords on the first pages of search engines (Google). The optimization process has to be done carefully based on a clear and thorough analysis.

For each site, we develop personalized strategies that relate to each client's goals, industry and resources, strategies that will lead to:
  • Increasing the number of unique visitors and pages accessed
  • Achieving the objectives set (increase sales, increase subscriber numbers, increase downloads, etc.)
  • positioning the site between the first search results on Google
  • increased sales and profit
A recommended duo:


(Search Engine Optimization) and


(Search Enging Marketing). Our recommendation to customers is to use cost-per-click marketing campaigns alongside those that increase organic traffic. As a result, SEM will redirect a targeted traffic to your website while SEO will make the site accessible to search engines for customer searches. We offer both types of services.

We also offer our clients methods of online promotion for visitor and customer loyalty campaigns through

Facebook apps


newsletter campaigns


content marketing