360° Virtual Tours - Photography

The 360° virtual tour

is a modern and complex graphical presentation tool of the interior or exterior of a room / building, providing the viewer with an interactive visit and allowing him to surf the desktop, tablet or mobile in any direction similar to a 3D video game.


virtual tour

can be turned into a small presentation site, or it can be attached to an existing site. In a virtual tour you can add the building’s plan, insert windows / informative pages (as on any other website), add movies or ambiental sounds.

What are these 360° Professional Panoramas?
The simple definition: multiple extremely large (wide) images made with professional, photo-bound equipment that can be used for online presentations to allow 3D navigation within these. The viewer can go in all directions, with a better overview of the presentation.

Who can benefit from this special presentation? 
Any real estate agency, boarding house, restaurant, hotel or showroom can present its location this way, giving customers a much clearer picture compared to a standard photo gallery. 

What are the benefits of professional panoramas compared to simple presentation images?
We all know that an image says more than 1000 words ... but imagine how much an interface that allows you to navigate in all directions through a camera or zoom in order to see the details of the paintings on a wall can transmit. It also offers the possibility to associate the building plan with the actual image or a walk through the entire building.

What are the benefits of professional panoramas compared to presentation films?
Let’s assume that you are watching a short presentation film of a building and, at some point, an element that interests you (we can assume that it is an accessory...) appears. What do you do if you want to review that frame? You only have one option: resume the clip in the hopes that you will better see that detail the second time. In the case of a panorama, you can stop the image and get closer to that element (ZoomIn). Spherical panorama captures the entire field of view on a 360° stretch. So you can rotate in any direction and you will see it as if you were actually in that place. Another advantage is that the panorama image has a resolution higher than that of a video.

Professional product photography, event photography and indoor photography

Whether we are talking about products of an online store, pictures in a catalog or those included in media presentations,

product photography

 is essential for an effective promotion and a clear customer perception of the products offered.

For company events you organize (conferences, exhibitions, product launches, courses, meeting with partners and distributors, etc.) you will need a series of archive images and possibly photos for PR materials. In addition, these photos of the event can be posted on the company's website or sent to the event participants.

Professionally designed, interior photos (architectural photography) can add value to a presentation or can complement the other presentation materials (brochures, leaflets, catalogs).